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 "just got done looking at your! what a collection! thanks so much for all of your support through the very honored. " -Stone Cold in a Direct Message to me on Twitter 4/19/11

 Welcome to The Stone Cold Collector XVII!

The Stone Cold Collector is my museum of Stone Cold memorabilia on the web dedicated to the WWE Hall of Famer and Legend,  'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. I have been a collector and fan of Steve Austin since March 1997-17.5 years. From Wrestling to Acting you will find a little bit of everything here.  

Join me as I try for  a World Record with my Collection! Still searching for an expert witness for attempt.

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Thank You Stone Cold! Twitition

Quotes of the Week:

"standing up there... looking like a motherfucker..."

"I'm Great! Tell him I'm Great! THAT'S RIGHT!!!"

-Steve Austin

Get your dose of 100% Pure AUDIO WHOOP-ASS!!! 

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3/14/12 Steve Austin posts picture of himself with my paintings I gave him on Twitter :D (Here is what he said)

" Thanks, Christine!

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